Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to remove wax from my burner?

My best trick for removing solid wax is to light the tealight and wait for the bottom of the wax to melt slightly (approx 30 seconds); the wax should then slip out and the burner is ready for use again!

If you want to change scents whilst the wax is melted, the easiest option I find is to put a few cotton pads in the wax and wait for them to soak it up!

What are waxidents?

Waxidents are exactly what they sound like! WAX – ACCIDENTS

Any broken wax or melts that go wrong will be sold at a reduced price; a random selection of scents shapes and sizes. It’s like a wax melt lucky dip!

Limited to 1 x waxident per order.

What is standard delivery / turnaround?

Free delivery on orders over £10, anything under has a flat rate of £2.

Local pickup is S6, or delivery if pre-arranged.

As well as delivery time I also ask that customers allow time for processing orders, packaging and posting; as this isn’t my full time job I process these orders around work.

How should I store my melts?

Keep the melts in the packaging it has been sent in if possible so the scent remains.

Keep melts at room temperature and away from heat sources and direct sunlight!